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International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

The Instructor Level

Prerequisites for Entry into Instructor Training


1. Any individual not using FDA registered devices may not be an I-ACT Member and no I-ACT school / instructor may train any individual that does not use FDA registered devices.

2. Each student MUST have a High School Diploma or equivalent requirement showing they have achieved High School Standards. This may be documented by Diploma, GED or equivalency exam such as the Wunderlich Ability to Benefit Test or College transcript/degree.

3. Each student MUST show proof that they have taken a CPR Class and have a current CPR card.

4. Each student MUST have completed a post Secondary (or higher) Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) Course (verified by school transcript) of at least 3 Credit Hours (30 class room hours) from a licensed institution or from an institution or course on the I-ACT recognized list posted on the I-ACT website (www.i-act.org).

5. Each student MUST be a current I-ACT full member prior to entering into training and prior to taking any I-ACT exam.

6. If a student departs the class and does not complete training, the instructor / school must document, on the transcript, the portion of training that was completed and send that to the office within 14 days of the student’s departure from training (last day of attendance).

7. The time frame between the Advanced Level (Level 3) and the start of Instructor training will be 1 year minimum (after completing Level 3 certification requirements / This is the date on the Advanced Level Certificate).

Request for Waiver Option to the one year between certification at Level 3 and starting the Instructor Level - An individual that has previous experience training adult learners may apply for a waiver to the one-year time frame. The waiver must be in writing through the Senior Education Committee. Criteria for approval might include:

Individuals who are “company” approved instructors are not eligible for the waiver.

8. Each instructor must be NBCHT Credentialed before Instructor certification will be offered (optional for International Instructors).

9. All individuals MUST take this instructor course BEFORE presenting their one hour presentation at the Convention. The Course must be completed and their power point Presentation sent to the I-ACT office no later than April 30 of the year of the desired exam at the convention. No later than May 15, the student will submit (to the I-ACT office) their 50 question exam (with answers and source documents), their class handouts, A&P review exam, evaluation forms, lesson plans (three minimum), textbooks, references, etc., (or provide via Kindle or I-Pad). Additionally, by May 15, the student will submit (to the I-ACT office), their enrollment application, enrollment agreement, class schedule of 100 hours, and the certificate of training completion that they will be using in their class.(see attachments for samples of these documents). Individuals that do not submit all requirements to the I-ACT office by May 15, will not be allowed to present their final hour presentation at the convention until the following year.


Requirements for Schools or Instructors

1. Each school / instructor will only train the students using FDA registered equipment, or equipment registered with appropriate agency in the country in which the instructor / school resides.

a. This training must follow the guidelines of the equipment as published by the manufacturer.

b. All internship must be supervised by an Instructor, and be consistent with I-ACT Policy.

2. Each school / instructor will provide 60 hours of training must be done in the physical presence of the Instructor at the location of the school or “brick and mortar” training facility used by the school or instructor. Distance learning of any type may not be used in fulfilling the 60 hour requirement for I-ACT Instructor training. The 60 hour course may not be completed any faster than 6 days at the school or brick and mortar facility of the Instructor/School.

3. Each school / instructor will have an Application/Enrollment Agreement/Contract of Training (the agreement/contract each student signs that outlines the training they will receive from the instructor / school; the expectations that instructor / school has for student attendance/participation/behavior while in school; and, the instructor / school refund policy in case the student does not complete the training). In addition, the Application/Enrollment Agreement/Contract of Training must inform the student of the type of equipment they will be trained on (Open / Closed). Additionally, the contract must inform the student the training is not Manufacturer (device) Training. Each student will receive copies of these documents.

4. Each instructor / school will provide the student with a certificate of completion for the classroom hours taught in the course. The instructor will ensure that the student understands that this certificate is not an I-ACT certification, it is simply a certificate from the instructor documenting completion of the classroom hours.

5. The instructor / school will notify I-ACT of each student that completes their training. This documentation will be done through the I-ACT transcript and mailed to the I-ACT office within 14 calendar days of training completion (date on exam). If a student departs the class and does not complete training, the instructor / school must document, on the transcript, the portion of training that was completed and send that to the office within 14 days of the student’s departure from training (last day of attendance).

6. The instructor / school will maintain student records (attendance, quiz scores, etc.) for an indefinite period of time. These files may be maintained electronically. Please ensure that all records are maintained in compliance with regulations for record keeping in the county, state, federal, and /or the country of the instructor/school.

7. I-ACT Instructors must attend one convention (or participate in an education committee meeting) every 2 years, and I-ACT schools must attend the convention (or participate in an education committee meeting) each year. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a “show cause letter” or provisional status.

Information for all Clients and Members (outside Texas): "Colon irrigation devices are prescription devices by federal law. A practitioner licensed by state law to use such prescription devices must authorize the purchase of the colon irrigation device, must use or supervise its use, and must order each colon irrigation for a patient."

Information for all Clients and Prospective new members in the State of Texas: "Colon irrigation devices are prescription devices and their purchase must be authorized by a physician licensed by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners. A colon hydrotherapist must be supervised by such a physician to use a colon irrigation device and must have a written order on file for each procedure from a physician licensed by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners."

Information for all Clients and Members (outside the USA): "Comply with the laws of your country to ensure that you are in compliance.