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Information for all Clients and Members (outside Texas): "Colon irrigation devices are prescription devices by federal law. A practitioner licensed by state law to use such prescription devices must authorize the purchase of the colon irrigation device, must use or supervise its use, and must order each colon irrigation for a patient."

Information for all Clients and Prospective new members in the State of Texas: "Colon irrigation devices are prescription devices and their purchase must be authorized by a physician licensed by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners. A colon hydrotherapist must be supervised by such a physician to use a colon irrigation device and must have a written order on file for each procedure from a physician licensed by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners."

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June 15, 2017



June 16, 2017



June 17, 2017

Body Talk Never Lies…

Dynamics of working with chronic constipation

Solutions ,Techniques and Demonstrations


Natalie Davis, CMT, DC. Ed.

Natalie earned a doctorate in counseling education, is a Certified Holistic Counselor,

An I-ACT Certified Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor, for more than 23 years. She is Nationally Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist - been in private practice in Huntington Beach, California for more than 29 years.

After performing more than 70,000 therapies she undeniably understands and validates the mind-body connection - her client case histories don’t lie anymore than the body does!

The deep dark secrets uncovered by this life- enhancing therapy are sure to leave an embossed memory on those who read it – does one of her case reports resonate with situations in your life and /or practice?


Natalie Davis, CMT, DC. Ed.


Frank Ferrante - KeyNote Speaker

The Talk

I was born on August 26, 1951. According to my astrological chart,  peace and harmony are my battle cry.

Obviously, my sartorial preferences reflect my greater spiritual depth. I have been, in no particular order, a NY City cab driver, scrap metal hauler, dishwasher, census taker, mail boy, ditch digger, bouncer, illegal narcotics distributor, general contractor, actor, and radio announcer, and carpenter. I am also an avid reader, seeker of God, weight gain/weight loss afficionado, ex-pot smoker, alcoholic, junkie, speed freak, raw foodist, vegan, lover, hater, father, husband, grad student, good guy, bad guy, social activist.

I received my high school diploma when I was 51. I would have done it when I was younger but I was busy. Early in this century I was admitted to UCSB where I earned a BA in History. I then entered an MA program in the Humanities Department at San Francisco State University to sate a lifelong fascination in the subject.

I'm particularly intrigued by the migration of cultures, peoples, and souls


I will disuss my experience from skeptical New Your wise guy to humble convert. My journey has bee colorful to say the least I began my path to wellness as a 300+ pound, pre-diabetic, fatigued and depressed man in his mid-fifties. Life had little meaning and even less joy. One dreary San Francisco night in February, I stumbled into a place called Café Gratitude, a raw food and vegan restaraung. After frequenting the place for a while, the owners told me they wanted to make a film that was the opposite of "Super-Size Me". I said that was a nice idea. They then asked me if I would be the subject.

I had to agree to engage in activities completely alien to me, i.e. colinics. What I learned was that this was an ancient practice that went all the way back to the Egyptions. The term colonic irrigation sounds mildly agricultural.

The practitioner told me that shi may very well change my life. Stick a tube up my butt and turn on the water and my life will change, yeah right. But after my third session, something strange started happening. As if in a trance, I went to the crafts section of my local hardware store and bought thirty lttle bottles and tubes of paint, a pallette and artist brushes. HI hurried back to my apartment and started painting murals everywhere, I used to love to paint, but I hadn't picked up a brush since I was a boy,

I also had a very ppowerful experience with James Allred and Madeline Angelus. During an irrigation session with Jams, I began to have intense visions of the violence in my childhood. WHile James workd on my body the visions intensified. By the tije the session was over, I was drained. What had left me were the bitter resentments. What remained was forgiveness. What I was experiencing was not just a detoxification, it wan an emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. The more I practiced a conscious lifestyle, the more the person burined under layers of illusion and toxicity was able to emerge. Intelligent nutritional choices, meditation, the practice of mindful living, colonic irrigation all contribute to my well-being and consiousness. There iis more humor and poignancy to the story, but you requested a brief summary.

Frank Ferrante

See a video trailor of "May I Be Frank"



TIffany Jablonski

8:30AM - 10:00AM

11:00AM - 12:30PM

Lymphatic Knowledge


Now is the time for you to experience the benefits of her vast knowledge of internal balance and detoxification through Lymphatic Massage and Colonic’s. All the hours of training and work have earned Joyce many titles and certifications. Her commitment to better health has led Joyce to participate statewide, nationally and internationally. She is a member and/or licensed as follows; member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA nationally- 1989), massage therapist (TX-1989), massage therapy continued education provider (TX- 1995), massage instructor (TX-1991), massage establishment (TX-1989), National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB member nationally-1993), NCBTMB continuing education provider (nationally 2009), colon hydro therapist (nationally –1989), I-ACT member (1992 & internationally- 2001), I-ACT instructor (Nationally and internationally- 1995), I-ACT school (Nationally 1995-2011), National Board for Colon Hydro Therapy (NBCHT) member and continuing education provider (nationally 2004), massage therapy continuing education provider (FLORIDA LIC – 2003), Cosmetology (TX-1970), Certified Coach Practitioner (Nationally 2010), Certified Practitioner of the Pastoral Medicine Association (PMA Internationally-2011). Reverend Joyce teaches and lectures at Carmel Temple in Houston, Texas. Having been published in Alive & Well into the Millennium With Edgar Cayce’s Health Care Wisdom, 2003, chapter 6; she now writes articles for major magazines.

Joyce Long, LMT


2:30PM - 3:30PM

Madeline Angelus

Energy Medicine Colon Hydrotherapy with Madeline Angelus


Madeline Angelus has become recognized as a unique Energy Medicine ÒColon HydrotherapistÓ and a top Energy Medicine teacher of our time. She educates her clients about proper physiology, how Energy Medicine empowers people to become their own best healers, and teaches energy medicine techniques to improve their lives.

Madeline is author of Energy Medicine Diet: Energy Medicine Diet: Your Personal Health & Wellness Foundation for the 21st Century, as well as author of Energy Medicine Diet Charts and is featured in multiple Energy Medicine Diet DVD's where she teaches the healing power of the their bodyÕs own energy system.

She holds a Masters Degree with Dr. Jean Houston with over three decades of learning, teaching and speaking on body/mind/spirit integrative work and the equivalent to a Masters degree with Donna Eden, Eden Energy Medicine.

Madeline's path to Energy Medicine occurred after a serious illness in 1999. Like many others, she tried the western medical system to heal her illness. It was through alternative medicine that Madeline fully recovered. She knew at the time the illness was a ÒgiftÓ as it inspired her to learn, grow and heal herself and ultimately help others to heal. Since that time her passion has been to help others transform their lives through the power of energy medicine and colon hydrotherapy.

She created Energy Medicine Diet resources to make it possible for individuals to learn energy medicine. Madeline has worked with thousands of people in her Energy Medicine Colon Hydrotherapy practice, located in Boulder, Colorado. She has gained a reputation for being able to help people heal complex health issues using Energy Medicine techniques where she combines a unique fusion of colon hydrotherapy, energy medicine, energy psychology, nutrition, energy medicine bodywork.


Castor Oil Packs - Making Your Session Time Count - Grace Melby

Grace Melby has been a student of natural health for over forty years. Organic gardens, food coops, vitamins and supplements, juicing and healthy nutrition became a lifestyle long before it was fashionable!

She has attended a wide variety of schools including Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy; with Lymphatic Drainage Massage being her specialty. Other holistic modalities are offered at her clinic. In addition to being an I-ACT instructor, she is also a Naturopathic Doctor.

Member in good standing with the following professional associations:

 Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals

 Board Certified and Therapeutic Massage and Body Work

 International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

 National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy

 Certified Natural Health Professional

 American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

 Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition

Grace’s Mission Statement is: “Dedicated to Teaching You the Art of Self-Renewal

Grace Melby


Cathy Windland

Networking is More Than a Fishing Trip with Cathy Windland


Description: Networking is a very active word that seems to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. At its basis, networking is throwing out your “net” (figuratively, of course) and then “working” (literally!) to pull in the best contacts and leads you possibly can. Networking is all about getting to know others. It’s about building relationships that make meaningful connections for you.


During this presentation, you will not only hear a little about networking, you will also be actively engaged in an activity designed to build relationships that improve your meaningful connections and make business opportunities more organic and real, as well as learn some best practices. Networking done right can make you stand out in the minds of others, so join us as we make it a little easier to build a network that works for you.

Cathy Windland, an entrepreneur at heart, is a renaissance woman. A certified marketing director with more than 30 years experience in marketing brand products, shopping centers and retail, non-profit organizations, educational products, professional and personal services, and banking, Ms. Windland began her own marketing consulting firm in 2003 to help small- to medium-sized companies grow. Throughout her professional career, Ms. Windland has developed her networking skills and is often asked to give presentations to help others do the same.


25 Ways to Increase Customer Retention - with Jay Wilson

You spend a lot of time and money getting your clients. It takes just a little time and effort to keep them. As you build your business, you have worked on many of the ideas and concepts that will be covered in  this session. Some of them are relatively easy BUT consistent application can be overwhelming.  This class will go over ways to streamline the process and discuss new, cost effective, and up to date technology that can help to keep your clients coming back and educate them on the true benefits of your service.

Jay Wilson worked for General Motors, Sears, and Dell Computer as a profit center data analyst before following his passion for Colon Hydrotherapy. Jay was introduced to colon therapy in 1981 to assist in health issues. He worked for a colonic device manufacturer, became an instructor in 2007 and teaches at several clinics around the country.

Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson





Waiting for Photo of

Jay Wilson

Suzanne Gray

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Panel Discussion

Listen to the questions answered by the Panel of speakers.

Have your detailed questions answered.

The interconnections of the Nervous System and Why Work on the Whole-Body During Colon Hydrotherapy. - James Allred


James received the award Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor of The Year 2016-17.

His first colonic was in 1973, and then James began practicing as a colon hydrotherapist in 1977. It was during this time he formulated the basic principles and techniques for The Original Bodywork for Colon Hydrotherapy.

In April 2000, James made the presentation, “The Importance of the Spine During Colon Hydrotherapy,” at the Colorado Springs Convention. At the 2001 Dallas Convention, James spoke on “Body Psychology and The Colon.” Both topics document the Mechanics and Functions of the Soma, and establish the importance of working on the whole-body during colon hydrotherapy.

During this presentation the participant will:

Learn vital information every therapist needs to understand about the nervous system;

Introduction to the brain and how it processes information, memory, and emotions;

Audience participation and sensory interactions during the presentation;

Comprehend the full potential of our profession.

James Allred


Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Emotionally Fit For Life with Dr. Darrell Wolfe


Part 1. How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

This amazing breakthrough lecture by Dr. Darrell Wolfe will uncover the true cause and cure to over 80 of the most common autoimmune diseases that threaten the lives of the majority of the population. Most people believe that it’s an incident that causes their autoimmune disease, when actually it’s their day to day lifestyle choices and the worn out Band-Aid therapies such as deep cleanses, prescription drugs, belief systems and a mainstream diet that many practitioners’ still promote today. 1 out of every 5 people suffer from autoimmune disease and 4 out of 5 people have symptoms of autoimmune disease. The majority of the population has now become allergic to life itself. Their immune systems have turned against them and are now attacking the healthy tissues, organs, muscles and joints within their body. Only you can stop this fatal disease in its tracks, attend this breakthrough lecture to learn how to reverse autoimmune disease within days to weeks. Master Your Health • Heal The Body • Awaken The Mind


Part 2. Wolfe Deep Tissue Abdominal Lift

Discover, learn and experience a 30-year proven abdominal technique that cures the so-called incurable that you won't hear about in mainstream healthcare. Get trained how to get instant relief from abdominal pain, pelvic pain, hip pain and low back pain. Remove unwanted scar tissue, adhesions, fibroids, blocks and twists from vital organs and body tissue. Dr. Wolfe will be demonstrating his abdominal lift techniques so that you can treat your patients for instant and long-lasting pain relief. Where other therapies fail, Wolfe Deep Tissue succeeds. This workshop is designed for those committed to providing life changing therapies for their patients. Release the power to heal with Wolfe Deep Tissue, this treatment is the game changer – do not miss out!

Bring a hand towel, massage oil, wear loose fitting clothes (shorts & tank top preferred)


9:00AM - 10:30AM

11:30AM - 1:30PM

3:30PM - 5:00PM

Whole Food Raw Food Body Makeover - JRoger BezanisMulti-Published author Roger Bezanis; has spent the 25+ years perfecting dozens of remarkable herbal combinations sold around the globe. Versed in Holistic Healing from TCM to simple diet change and old time detox, Mr. Bezanis is a force to be reckoned with.

Roger’s Diagnostic Face Reading technique is legendary. His ground breaking work of pH is the bedrock of the subject today. Most recently Mr. Bezanis has uncovered the life changing truths of Whole Raw Foods, thus starting the “Whole Food Raw Food” movement. He is a gifted speaker, researcher and educator and a world-wide mover with a Twitter legion of over half a million followers.

Today ladies and gentlemen, he is going to teach us all how to do a Whole Food Raw Food Body Makeover!


Roger Bezanis


Essential Oils - with Tifffany Jablonski


Getting into the natural health care was out of necessity for my own health and wellness. ·

While studying·natural health, use of essential oils and nature’s remedies for over 13 years I have learned that your health is up to you.

Mrs. Jablonski is a National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy, and is at the Instructor level with the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. She is currently serving her term on the I-ACT Board of Directors as Vice President.

Tiffany has studied with France Robert at the International Environment Institute, learning colon hydrotherapy and Bio-Electric lymph drainage. She has taken Level 2 for Raw Foods Chef with Alissa Choen. ·

Additionally she has studied Iridology at the International Institute of Iridology·with·Dr. David Pesek, Founding President of International College of Iridology.


Mark Buse

Everything You Wanted to Know About Colon Hydrotherapy and Are Afraid to Ask

- with Mark Buse and Suzanne Gray


Together Suzanne and Mark bring over 65 years of experience from using devises ,techniques, relationships of clients, associates, building a business ,challenging situations, Q &A, and more.

Join Suzanne and Mark for the fun, creative ways to look at our professions inside and out. You will have an opportunity to look inside the minds of our fellow therapists and learn what works and does not work to have a professional and successful business.

Take time to be creative and support one another in an open environment of possibilities. This interaction may include discussion, Q&A, role playing, laughter and more!